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Operating out of Middlesboro, KY for more than 110 years, J.R. Hoe is a versatile, quality-focused manufacturer of cast iron and fabricated steel products supplying a wide range of industries throughout North America. As a 5th generation family owned company, we have earned a reputation for exceptional products and service through an enduring commitment to quality, hard work and customer satisfaction. In the www.downspoutboots.com brand, J.R. Hoe offers the industry’s leading product line of cast iron downspout boots, providing the largest selection of size and style options on the market combined with unrivaled lead times and customer service. All J.R. Hoe downspout boots are Made in the USA from 80% recycled content and shipped directly to job sites and customers nationwide.
From materials sourcing and production to order processing and shipment, J.R. Hoe brand downspout boots are manufactured and supplied with a strong commitment to environmental sustainability. J.R. Hoe employs a strategy of Continuous Improvement in striving to reduce the energy and resource demands of our operations while maximizing the use of recycled materials and energy efficient practices to the greatest extent possible. J.R. Hoe is a proud member of the US Green Building Council. Cast iron downspout boots manufactured by J.R. Hoe qualify for LEED MR Credit 4 – Recycled Content and LEED MR Credit 5 Regional Materials.
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The J.R. Hoe lineup of brands is trusted by engineers, architects and contractors throughout North America for high quality, reliable products and excellent customer service. Through these brands, we are proud to offer various product lines serving a wide range of industries from water management and streetscape products to roof drainage and site security. See what each of our brands has to offer by visiting the websites below.

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