Sidewalk Drains
Sidewalk Drain Overview

J.R. Hoe proudly offers a versatile line of sidewalk drainage products and pedestrian-friendly street castings. Our trench drains, curb openings and downspout boots are combined in various configurations to form engineered drainage solutions for sidewalks and pedestrian spaces in green infrastructure, parks and streetscape projects of all types.

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Downspout Boots Connection

E-Series cast iron downspout boots feature a rectangular outlet designed for a below-grate connection to our trench drains. Sized to fit downspouts from 3”x 4” up to 6” x 6”, E-Series downspout boots provide a durable and effective trench drainage connection.

Trench Drain

Cast iron trench drain and solid trench covers are offered with a center-locking anti-theft feature in sizes ranging from 6” to 14” wide. With various appealing grate designs and 2 different frame styles, our trench drain products are built to last, beautifully.

StyleWidthLengthThicknessFrame Types
Metro6", 8", 12", 14"12", 24"7/8"Angle, Channel
Continuum6", 8", 12", 14"12", 24"7/8"Angle, Channel
Tsunami6", 8", 12", 14"12", 24"7/8"Angle, Channel
Curb Openings

Cast iron curb openings provide a clean, finished look in addition to much needed durability at the curb level. Sized for a standard 6” tall curb and offered in various widths to fit our trench drains, cast iron curb openings are ideal for green infrastructure applications.