Few public spaces see more activity and foot traffic than a university campus during the academic year. With thousands of students walking to and from classes, moving in and out of dormitories and attending social and sporting events, building facilities on college campuses must be equipped to maintain their aesthetic and functional qualities for many years. Cast iron downspout boots provide a downspout connection solution that offers unrivaled durability and functionality, while contributing to the exterior appeal of the building with a clean and attractive look.

Various Finish Options for Any Building Style

In order to meet a wide range of aesthetic requirements, J.R. Hoe cast iron downspout boots are provided in a variety of finishes. An increasingly popular option is the uncoated or plain finish for downspout boots. Bare cast iron provides a highly corrosion resistant and 100% maintenance free surface finish that brings a natural and appealing look to the exterior of the building, without the environmental impact of the painting process. Alternatively, primer coating and powder coating options are offered when painted downspout boots are required.

School Specific Branding Offers Unique Architectural Feature

Customized lettering and logo options provide a unique visual identity to higher education building projects. J.R. Hoe uses 3D modeling software to implement logos and branding elements to its standard downspout boot designs, with little addition to product cost. Customized downspout boots for higher education buildings serve as a distinctive architectural feature while enhancing campus pride and school spirit.


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