Downspout Boot Accessories
Rubber Adapters

Rubber adapters, or rubber couplings, are commonly used to make the watertight connection from the downspout boot outlet to the stormwater pipe underground. J.R. Hoe keeps a large inventory of rubber couplings to connect to virtually any size and type Of drainage pipe.

Mounting Hardware

The following hardware options are offered for mounting downspout boots onto concrete, masonry or brick building walls:

½-13 x 2-3/4” Stainless Steel hex bolt w/ flat washer provided with drive-in SS double expansion shield

Or, for Theft-Proof installations:

½-13 x 2-3/4” Stainless Steel penta-head bolts w/ flat washer and SS expansion shield per above (installation tool provided)

Wall Spacers

Neoprene wall spacers allow the cast iron downspout boot to be moved out from the wall anywhere from 1” to several inches. This is beneficial in some cases to assist with lining up the downspout boot with either the downspout or the underground drainage pipe, or both.


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