Downspout Boot Coatings

Uncoated cast iron is a naturally appealing and ruggedly beautiful finish option that is increasingly popular in architectural design. In addition to aesthetic considerations, uncoated cast iron downspout boots are more environmentally friendly, as the VOC and carbon emitting processes associated with coating and recoating are avoided. As an added bonus, uncoated cast iron downspout boots are supplied at lower prices and faster lead times.


Cast iron does not require a coating to effectively resist corrosion or weathering. In fact, bare cast iron is among the most corrosion resistant building materials available. As cast iron is exposed to normal environmental conditions it will oxidize, or rust. The oxidation of carbon-based metals like cast iron will transition from orange to dark brown colors over time, depending on age and exposure. After a period of time the cast iron develops an oxide layer, or patina, on its surface which acts as a highly durable, visually appealing and 100% maintenance-free finish.

Powder Coat

Factory applied powder coating is offered in a wide range of nearly 200 different colors. JR Hoe cast iron downspout boots receive a proprietary 2—coat powder coating system developed through in—house quality assessment and 3rd party salt spray testing. Powder coating for cast iron downspout boots is an exceptionally durable, Wear—resistant and attractive finish option.



Powder coating is a process that involves the application of organic powder by electrostatic attraction to metal. creating a smooth. durable surface finish. In addition to superior longevity and near resistance. powder coating is a more efficient and environmentally friendly coating process than traditional wet paint. Any overspray with powder coating is reclaimed and re—used. and there is no use of environmentally harmhul materials since chemical solvents and VOCs are not required.

Primer Coat

Some projects may require the downspout boots to be field painted, in which case a factory primer coat is recommended. A rust-inhibitive primer will prevent any oxidation of the iron surface before a high quality exterior grade top coat is applied in the field by the site contractor or painter. It should be noted that primer coatings are intended only as a barrier coating that will protect the casting until the finish coat is applied. Primer coated parts should not be left exposed to the elements and the finish coat should be applied quickly after primer coated parts are received.



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