Cast iron downspout boots are commonly specified for a variety of healthcare buildings ranging from large hospitals and medical office buildings to small clinics and behavioral health centers. Serving as a space efficient option for busy entryways and a durable, impact resistant solution in areas subject to pedestrian and vehicular traffic, the aesthetic and functional qualities of cast iron downspout boots play a valuable role in transitioning roof runoff to the underground drainage system for healthcare facilities.

Space Efficient Design, Durable Construction

When downspouts are located in highly active pedestrian areas such as building entrances and patient dropoff and loading zones, cast iron downspout boots are an exceptional option. Sized to fit any downspout, the downspout boot provides a durable transition to the underground drainage system without the need for adapters, fittings or protective elements that occupy more space above ground. In addition, the on-body cleanout option eliminates the need for a bulky “T-Branch” cleanout, or an in-ground cleanout downstream.

Extensive Size Range to Fit Any Application

The gutter and downspout systems for healthcare buildings often vary in size to accommodate canopy and door overhangs in addition to the standard sized downspouts. This can lead to difficulty in finding standard downspout connection products that come in the proper sizes. The size range of J.R. Hoe cast iron downspout boots accommodates every standard commercial downspout size on the market, providing a perfect fit for any application.


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