From major shopping and lifestyle centers to stand alone retail and grocery stores, successful commercial developments are designed with a comprehensive commitment to quality. Inferior downspout connections not only increase life-cycle costs through maintenance and repairs but they also lead to degraded appearance and the risk of pedestrian hazards. J.R. Hoe cast iron downspout boots provide an exceptionally durable and space-efficient downspout connection that successfully diverts water from the square/rectangular downspout to the round drainage pipe.

Built to Last. Beautifully.

Damaged and broken downspouts not only result in increased facilities maintenance costs, they contribute to a run-down and unsightly building appearance. Durable, impact resistant cast iron downspout boots ensure that the visual appeal of the building will not be compromised by physically damaged downspouts. Whether intended as a noticeable architectural feature or a purely functional drainage component that blends into the building exterior, cast iron downspout boots bring long-lasting architectural value to commercial and retail environments.

Sidewalk Drainage Solutions for Any Project

J.R. Hoe offers pedestrian-friendly trench drains that are designed for downspout boot connections, allowing downspout flow to be diverted straight to the parking lot, roadway or biofiltration area. Offered in various styles and sizes, all decorative grate options feature openings that are ADA compliant when properly installed. Utilizing sidewalk drains in retail development design can reduce project costs by eliminating underground piping systems and increasing the possibilities for incorporating green infrastructure and low impact development.

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