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Required to host large crowds in a visually appealing environment year after year, durability and aesthetic appeal are key considerations in the design of any sports venue or athletic facility. Whether intended as a character-defining architectural feature or a purely functional drainage component, cast iron downspout boots are commonly specified on athletic buildings of all types. J.R. Hoe downspout boots provide exceptional durability and are offered with custom team logos in more than 175 different colors.

100% Resistant to Light and Moderate Impacts

A typical athletic building endures frequent light to medium impacts over time from groundskeeping vehicles, maintenance activities and the hundreds or even thousands of athletes and fans that use the facility each year. While unprotected downspouts often become smashed or crumpled in this environment, even moderate downspout protection in the form of light gauge steel boots and covers may be dented, bent or dislodged. The strength of cast iron downspout boots is unrivaled in resisting repeated impacts of the type commonly experienced in athletic facilities.

High Quality Powder Coating Provides Long Lasting, Vibrant Appearance

In comparison to traditional wet paint, powder coating is an environmentally friendly, higher quality finish option. J.R. Hoe cast iron downspout boots are offered with a standard color selection of 185 unique colors to meet the design requirements of virtually any project. With a 2-coat proprietary powder coating process including a 5 stage prewash cycle, J.R. Hoe powder coated downspout boots offer a high quality, wear-resistant and attractive finish.


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